Enable him/her
to be an active part
of our essentially
hearing and
speaking world.

Current Journey of hearing impaired child to education

Journey of a hearing impaired child to education if followed early detection and intervention


► Hearing disability is a hidden handicap therefore it is necessary to help such children to overcome their hearing impairment as early as possible by early intervention.
►To identify such children and to initiate hearing and language training at an early age of 6-8 months.
►To provide the language through auditory means as it forms the base on which the educational base is built upon.
► Development of language through various special verbal methods and techniques of teaching.
► Various activities to be conducted for social, emotional, cognitive and overall development of the deaf children.
► Give equal opportunities for such children to grow in the society.
► Deaf & dumb Individuals can be made to live a self-dependent life. So, to provide them all the required facilities under one roof. For this, we would like to provide the services like providing adequate hearing devices to kids who belongs to poor and needy families.
►To empower the parents to act as equal partners in the educational process. They are trained timely by conducting various educational programs.
►To mainstream / integrate the children who are deaf into regular education classes with appropriate support and the cooperation.


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