We ascertain that
all the donations
are purely utilized
for developmental


The program is constructed to bring them into hearing and the speaking world & to enable them to get education in normal school with normal peers. Parent’s encouragement is also done on their participation in every activity. This is the only center in this region with no government support. In addition to that, for late joining hearing impaired kids, on the demand & support of their parents, un-aided special primary (aural oral) non-residential school setup is started from 2012 with due permission of commissioner of persons with disability of govt. Of Maharashtra.

In view of the government’s commitment to achieve ‘education for all’ by the year 2010, it was imperative to enable these deaf children to develop necessary basic language and other academic skills to cope with the demands of inclusive education as well as special education. At the Balvikas Kendra (center) for the hearing impaired, the oral-aural method of communication is followed to train these children. They listen, learn and talk. This allows parents and other family members to play a leading role in teaching children with hearing impairment. They can help in bringing up their children in a way that their overall development can be ensured. The basis of this overall development is language development and speech.

Parents can help their children with hearing impairment in learning by providing them with a favourable social environment at home. Conscious efforts from parents of deaf children can go an extra mile in securing the bright future of their children.



We provide the services like hearing testing, hearing aid programming, teletherapy, Telemapping of cochlear implanties , family counselling, Speech and Language training, Auditory training, Articulation therapy, Use of learning tools and the techniques, etc. Additionally, we let our students perform in front of guest faculty, so that we can evaluate their speech intelligibility. They do compete with their peers in terms of competitive exams, skit competitions. Here they are also acquiring multilingual skills like reciting Sanskrit shlokas. Hence, we are focusing on their overall development. We conduct Survey of hearing handicapped, social awareness programs, parent counselling & training ,speech, hearing & language training of early age  children (below 5 years) with hearing impairment, aural -oral pre- primary education, parents counselling and guidance and training, workshops & seminar for parents empowerment.

As all the facilities are available in metro cities only, the children with hearing impairment from villages, urban, semi -urban area of western Maharashtra remain mute due to lack of facility.